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Loading bulk mulch into contractor trailer

Landscaping Product Delivery

Delivery for Bulk Compost, Topsoil, or Mulch

Sometimes it's easier, faster, and cheaper to have bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch delivered to your home. Learn more about how delivery of our certified, local landscaping materials works.

Bulk Delivery for Compost, Topsoil, or Mulch

We offer delivery for our bulk products! Whether you're trying to save time, money, or make it easier to get local, certified compost, topsoil, or mulch to your house, bulk product delivery can often help. 

How does bulk delivery work?

Bulk Landscaping Product Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch?

The easiest way to order bulk landscaping products is through our online store. It is also possible to place an order over the phone, which is staffed M-F 9am-5pm.


How long does delivery take?

We are typically able to deliver gardening products within one to three business days of the order being placed. Deliveries occur Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am to 6pm.


What is the cost of bulk delivery?

The cost for delivery of bulk landscaping products is the retail price of the product (compost, topsoil, or mulch) times the number of cubic yards, plus a delivery fee. The delivery fee is based on zip code and how much product is ordered. We have listed the zip codes that we currently deliver to at the bottom of the page.


When do you deliver bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch?

Deliveries occur from about 8am to 5:30pm on Monday through Friday.


Can bulk compost be delivered in the rain?

Yes! Compost is not hurt by water so we will deliver bulk compost even if it is raining outside.


Can bulk topsoil be delivered in the rain?

We prefer not to make these deliveries in the rain. It’s not good to work with topsoil when it’s wet, so we try to reschedule these deliveries whenever possible. Of course, if you ask us to deliver the bulk topsoil rain or shine, we will do that. In these rare situations, we highly recommend covering the bulk soil as soon as it’s delivered to minimize any potential damage to the topsoil’s structure.


Can I mix products to get to the minimum size of 5 cubic yards?

Because the back of the dump truck does not have a way to separate products, bulk compost, topsoil, and mulch would mix in the back of the truck. We strongly recommend that people do not put more than one type of bulk product in the back of the dump truck.


Do you deliver bagged compost?

Currently, we do not deliver bagged compost. Our Grow Good bagged compost is available for sale at both of our locations in Manassas, VA, as well as some garden centers around the greater DMV area.


Do I need to be home for bulk delivery?

No, most of our deliveries occur when people are not home. We will talk about where you would like your bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch to be delivered on the phone, and ask that you mark the tipping location with something that looks out of place. For example, people have marked their delivery location by putting out a crossed shovel and rake (to make an “x”), an upside-down wheelbarrow or bucket, a tarp, or orange cones. The driver will look for that location before tipping the loose compost, topsoil, or mulch.


What type of truck is used for delivery?

We most frequently use a 20 cubic yard dump truck for residential deliveries. This lets us have flexibility for different delivery order sizes of bulk landscaping materials.


Where should I have my delivery of bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch put?

Most people try to choose a spot as close to their garden as possible. This means that you have a shorter distance to move the material. The truck does need to stay on a hard surface, so many people choose a spot along their driveway that is away from a garage and, if possible, lets them drive cars around the bulk landscaping material.


Can the compost, topsoil, or mulch be delivered on the grass?

While the truck’s tires should not leave a hard surface (like a paved, stone, or compact dirt driveway), the truck’s wheels can back up to the softer surface and start tipping there. Effectively, this would put most of the bulk compost, topsoil, or mulch on the soft surface. Please note that grass or plants could die if a bulk landscaping product is tipped onto them.


Will a bulk gardening product, like topsoil or compost, leave a mark on my driveway?

Yes, but it's only a temporary mark on hard surfaces. Typically, this spot of leftover compost or topsoil will wash away after two or three good rainstorms. Many people prefer to put down a tarp and have the delivered bulk landscaping material tipped onto that instead of the driveway.

Can I return a delivery order?

No, all of our sales are final. Once the bulk landscaping material is tipped out of the dump truck, it is not possible to put the material back in. We hope it’ll find a great home in your garden to help your plants thrive.

To where do you deliver bulk compost, topsoil, and mulch?

We currently have standard pricing for the city and zip codes below. However, you can call us to discuss a delivery for your gardening project if you live outside of this area. To find out the price, please start our online store's checkout process.

20136     Bristow, VA

20113     Manassas Park City, VA

20155     Gainesville, VA

20109     Manassas, VA

20156     Gainesville, VA

20168     Haymarket, VA

20110     Manassas, VA

20108     Manassas, VA

20143     Catharpin, VA

20122     Centreville, VA

20121     Centreville, VA

20182     Nokesville, VA

20181     Nokesville, VA

20112     Manassas, VA

22192     Woodbridge, VA

22193     Dale City, VA

22172     Triangle, VA

20169     Haymarket, VA

20152     Chantilly, VA

20111     Manassas Park, VA

22030     Fairfax, VA

20120     Centreville, VA

20153     Chantilly, VA

20187     Warrenton, VA

20137     Broad Run, VA

20119     Catlett, VA

20107     Arcola, VA

22035     Fairfax, VA

20138     Calverton, VA

22033     Fairfax, VA

22026     Dumfries, VA

22191     Woodbridge, VA

22195     Woodbridge, VA

22194     Woodbridge, VA

22125     Occoquan, VA

22025     Montclair, VA

20151     Fairfax, VA

20105     Aldie, VA

20198     The Plains, VA

20188     Warrenton, VA

20124     Clifton, VA

20171     Oak Hill, VA

20166     Dulles, VA

22032     Fairfax, VA

20148     Ashburn, VA

20139     Casanova, VA

22034     Fairfax, VA

20186     Warrenton, VA

22031     Fairfax, VA

22039     Fairfax Station, VA

22153     Springfield, VA

22134     Quantico, VA

22181     Vienna, VA

20041     Washington, VA

22180     Vienna, VA

22183     Vienna, VA

20191     Herndon, VA

22081     Merrifield, VA

22124     Vienna, VA

20172     Herndon, VA

22036     Fairfax, VA

20116     Marshall, VA

22015     Burke, VA

22712     Morrisville, VA

20170     Herndon, VA

20163     Sterling, VA

20167     Sterling, VA

22009     Springfield, VA

20117     Middleburg, VA

20140     Rectortown, VA

20164     Sterling, VA

20115     Marshall, VA

22043     Pimmit, VA

22739     Somerville, VA

20195     Reston, VA

20190     Reston, VA

20194     Reston, VA

20175     Leesburg, VA

22042     Mosby, VA

22046     Falls Church, VA

22728     Midland, VA

22027     Vienna, VA

22152     West Springfield, VA

22545     Ruby, VA

22199     Lorton, VA

22122     Newington, VA

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