Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you guarantee a specific time for delivery?

No. However, we do try to find a mutually convenient time-frame for delivery, our team and service providers are trained to call when departing our facility and as they arrive at the stated delivery address.


Can I pickup my bulk materials instead of having them delivered?

Absolutely! During the check-out process, you are able to select delivery or the pick-up location. Additionally, you’re welcome to swing by either of our sites during working hours to pick up material.


Do I need to be home when delivery is made?

No. Most deliveries are made to customers that are not home. We will deliver and place your product in the driveway. If you have specific instructions or placement locations, please let us know so that we can do our best to accommodate them. Please make sure that the drop site is cleared of any obstructions (cars, bicycles, toys, etc.) before the driver arrives. Depending on how much material you ordered, the driver may need up to 15 feet to deliver the product.


Will you deliver material to a location off of a paved surface or private roadway?

No. The truck is heavy and meant to stay on paved, gravel, or hard dirt roadways.


How do I install dyed mulch?

We recommend giving the dyed mulch 24-48 hours of drying time once placed in your garden before watering or heavy rainfall. This helps prevent mulch discoloration.