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Our communities can be more sustainable

With integrated facilities for organic waste recycling and organic food production, Freestate Farms uses state-of-the-art technology and sustainable operations to address the unique needs of its local communities. Through design, construction and operation of these full-circle solutions, Freestate Farms delivers increased soil health and productivity, reduced water use and pollution, minimized greenhouse gas emissions, and a more sustainable local community. 

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Take a virtual tour of our Balls Ford Road Composting Facility in Manassas, VA to see how we create our consistent, high-quality composts.

Our process

Freestate deploys leading-edge technology and processes that are customized to a local community's needs, including:

Advanced aerated composting

Organic produce in greenhouse

Controlled environment agriculture

Each project is tailored to and integrated within itself and the local community. Indeed, Freestate’s strength is our flexibility to choose from a variety of organic waste processing solutions to meet the needs of a local community.

Example: Prince William County, Virginia

Prince William County, Virginia
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Public-Private Partnership drives local sustainability 

"This is the beginning of a new era in how we deal with waste in Prince William county. ... We are going to be reducing the amount of waste that enters of our landfill, ... increasing the amount of organic materials that are available for farming or for industrial uses or for just simple yard care, and we’re going to become a more green community because of that.”

- Marty Nohe, (then) Prince William County Board of County    Supervisors, at the Ground Breaking Ceremony

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Prince William County/Freestate Farms Advanced Compost Facility Ribbon Cutting Celebration



Beautifying your outdoor space can be fun, relaxing, and easier than you might think. We provide a number of products and services that can help make your yard more attractive and reduce maintenance so you have more time to enjoy it.

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Improving the quality of the soil at your job sites with our compost and topsoils can increase customer satisfaction, make your job easier, and save you money.

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