Hands in topsoil, food waste for composting

Recycling organics,

growing good.


Freestate Farms transforms food and yard waste from cities, businesses, and individuals into high-quality compost, renewable energy, and organic produce. The benefits are increased soil health and productivity, reduced water use and pollution, minimized greenhouse gas emissions, and more sustainable communities.


Creating more sustainable communities

Food waste for composting

Recycle food and yard waste

By converting food and yard waste from cities, businesses and individuals into compost, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extend the longevity of landfills, and help these stakeholders meet their environmental sustainability goals.

Household compostable items       Business partnerships

Organic vegetables, tomatoes

Grow organic fruits and vegetables

We ensure our local community partners have access to fresh locally-grown nutritious organic fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Compost for sale

Produce high value compost and soils

We sell consistent, high-quality composts, topsoils, and mulches that increase the health and productivity of the land. Uses include local agriculture, landscaping, green building, turf management, and storm water management systems.


For your home            For your business

Renewable, Solar Energy from solar panels

Generate renewable energy

We displace fossil fuel use and the related greenhouse gas emissions with reliable sources of renewable energy, including solar and biomass.

How you can benefit and participate


Beautifying your outdoor space can be fun, relaxing, and easier than you might think. We provide a number of products and services that can help make your yard more attractive and reduce maintenance so you have more time to enjoy it.


Improving the quality of the soil at your job sites with our compost and topsoils can increase customer satisfaction, make your job easier, and save you money.


Freestate Farms helps create healthy communities for today and tomorrow. We bring state-of-the-art technology and sustainable operations to cities and towns so that food and yard waste can be recycled into products that improve the local land, water, and air.

Planting in topsoil enriched with compost

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