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Freestate Farms transforms food and yard waste from cities, businesses, and individuals into high-quality compost, renewable energy, and organic produce. The benefits are increased soil health and productivity, reduced water use and pollution, minimized greenhouse gas emissions, and more sustainable communities.


What we do for you and your community

Blue sky, green grass, green environment

How we do it

Freestate deploys leading-edge technology and processes that are customized to a local community's needs, including:

Advanced aerated composting

Controlled environment agriculture

Each project is tailored to and integrated within itself and the local community. Indeed, Freestate’s strength is our flexibility to choose from a variety of organic waste processing solutions to meet the needs of a local community.

Recycle food and yard waste

By taking food and yard waste from cities, businesses and individuals, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extend the longevity of landfills, and help these stakeholders meet their environmental sustainability goals.

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Grow organic fruits and vegetables

We ensure our local community partners have access to fresh locally-grown nutritious organic fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Produce high value compost and soils

We sell consistent, high-quality compost and topsoils that increase the health and productivity of the earth. Uses include local agriculture, landscaping, green building, turf management, and storm water management systems.


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Generate renewable energy

We displace fossil fuel use and the related greenhouse gas emissions with reliable sources of renewable energy, including solar and biomass.

How you can benefit

If Freestate IS already active in your community:

Send or bring us your food and yard waste

Buy certified renewable energy credits (RECs) generated from your own food waste

Eat (and enjoy!) fresh locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables

If Freestate is NOT already in your community:

Contact us about the potential to work together on developing an advanced integrated facility for organic waste processing and organic food production.

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