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Compost for your business

Improving soil quality improves your bottom line

Improving the quality of the soil at your jobsite can increase customer satisfaction, make your job easier, and save you money. Because our compost is created from recycled food and yard waste, its organic nature has powerful benefits.

Why professionals need STA Certified Compost
by Joe Lamp'l

Why use compost

Soil health is perhaps that most important thing for creating healthy, beautiful, and lower maintenance gardens and lawns. While there are many ways to add nutrients to the soil, compost is now recognized at the best choice because it adds immediate and long-term nutrients. Compost can increase customer satisfaction, simplify a project, reduce a project's total cost, and helps your business stand out for its environmentally friendly practices.

Healthy plant in compost

Increase customer satisfaction

Compost provides soil with organic matter and microorganisms that create immediate and long-term soil health. Customers will be happier with a healthy, beautiful, and lower-maintenance garden and more likely to refer their friends and family. 

Easy to use compost

Easy to use

It says a lot that compost is preferred and used by experts yet is easy for anyone to use. Compost is great for all types of plants—flowers, vegetables, lawns, trees, and shrubs—and can "fix" any poor soil nutritionally, physically, and biologically. This makes it easy to educate coworkers or your team, and reduces or eliminates any on-site soil testing and application coordination.

Save money using compost

Save money

The U.S. Composting Council notes that costs are up to two-thirds lower when mixing two inches of compost into existing soil versus replacing that soil with six inches of new topsoil, an old best practice. Furthermore, compost eliminates the need for expensive chemical fertilizers and pre-plant fertilization, as well as reduces the chance of costly "plant loss."

Recycle organic waste

Environmentally friendly competitive advantage

Consumers are increasingly buying safe and environmentally friendly products and services. Compost is a leading way to help address climate change and can provide your business with a point of differentiation versus the competition. 

Compost and Special Topsoil Applications

Beautiful garden and green grass

Plant and vegetable gardens, lawns

By using our composts and topsoils in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and lawns, you can help them grow faster, healthier and, for some types of vegetables, larger and tastier. This is because our compost and topsoils provide important nutrients, moisture retention, and space for roots in the soil.

Golf course sports turf

Sports turf management

Soils are specifically designed to maximize the playability of the sport. We create special composts and soils for turf management that can enable faster grass growth and more extensive rooting (so that the grass isn’t torn up as easily). And, because compost is rich in nutrients with a neutral pH, the grass stays greener for a longer period of time and less fertilizer and lime are typically needed.

Green roof

Green roofs

Green roofs require soils that mix a variety of special components to balance the soil’s overall weight, moisture retention and drainage, compatibility, and longevity. We blend top-of-the-line soils, all of which include compost, for this special use.

Soil erosion

Soil erosion and sediment control

Compost can help protect waterways from erosion and pollution. We make composts and topsoils (when ordered) that are specially created for use in soil blankets, filter berms, and filter socks. These methods help reduce erosion and sediment movement as well as prevent water pollution by binding and degrading a variety of chemicals.

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