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Contractor Frequent Buyer Program Terms and Conditions

Effective: October 21, 2021

Program Introduction

We are pleased to make this program available to help small contractors grow their businesses. Participation is voluntary and subjects to the below Terms and Conditions.


This program is intended for landscape contractors. To quality, the contractor must be a registered business and, with the redemption of a completed card provide the company name, contact person, contact person email and contact phone number. Contractors or businesses that have special pricing (e.g. due to volume discounts) are not eligible to participate in this program. We reserve the right to restrict participation of an individual company when found, in our sole discretion, to violate these Terms and Conditions.

How to earn a star

A contractor will earn a star with:

  • Each material drop off (i.e. paid a tipping fee at the county scale). One star is earned with each visit, regardless of how much material is dropped off.

  • Every cubic yard of (bulk) material purchased. For example, purchasing five cubic yards of bulk compost earns five stars; three cubic yards of mulch is three stars. No stars are earned for 1/2 yard (or, if offered, any other partial sizes). A star is not earned during the 'free cubic yard' redemption.

  • Every purchase of 10 bags. No stars are earned until a full quantity of 10 bags is met. For example: a purchase of 5 bags does not earn a star; 10 bags earns one star; 14 bags earns one star; 20 bags earns two stars. Different bagged products (during the same purchase) may be combined into one grouping of 10 total bags (e.g. 5 bags of compost and 5 bags of mulch).

Stars are earned at both of Freestate Farm's locations--on Balls Ford Road (composting facility) and Dumfries Road (landfill). Stars are not earned for products that are purchased for delivery or through garden centers, nurseries, or other locations where Freestate Farms products may be sold or made available.

Card redemption

After earning ten stars, a completed card may be redeemed for one free cubic yard of material with the next in-store purchase. A card must include the company's name as well as a designated company contact name, email, and phone number. Cards with missing or invalid information will not be fulfilled. Only one (fully completed) card can be used with each purchase and must be turned in at the time of sale to a Freestate Farms representative.

Card maintenance; Lost or stolen cards

It is the responsibility of the contractor's business to keep the Frequent Buyer Card in good condition. Stars from lost, stolen, or illegible cards will not be replaced or transferred to a new card. Damaged cards can be replaced and the stars transferred to a new card when the stars are still legible and the damaged card is turned in.

Program changes, updates, and discontinuance

We reserve the right to change, updated, and discontinue the Frequent Buyer Program and it's Terms and Conditions at our discretion and at any time. Changes to the program will be posted on this page of our website (we will update the notice's effective date), and we will make an effort to provide communication at the point of sale (e.g. during product purchase or material drop-off) for a period of time.

Contacting us

If you have questions about our Contractor Frequent Buyer Program, you may contact us using the information below.


Phone: (703) 542-4540






Postal Address:

Freestate Farms

13012 Hansen Farm Road

Manassas, VA 20109

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