Food waste for composting

Accepted compostable materials

Grow your business and the earth by recycling food

Businesses of all sizes find that adding food waste to their recycling programs helps their top and bottom line as well as the environment. Bringing food waste to a composting facility is often cheaper than a landfill, can attract new customers, and helps boost employee morale. For the environment, composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and recycles important nutrients back into the earth.

Compostable items

We accept yard waste and all categories of food waste (Virginia DEQ Categories I, II, and III). If you are a business in unincorporated Prince William County, you can drop off your compostable material for free! Below is our accepted materials poster.

We also process compostable foodware items from approved haulers or businesses as a Composting Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) member. For more information about becoming an approved hauler, please contact us.

Easy, safe, and efficient drop-off

safe and efficient facility design.JPG

Safe and efficient facility design

We designed our facility so any sized vehicle can quickly and safely drop off materials. Vehicles weight in at the scale house (middle, right) before preceding to the material drop-off area.

Convenient location: Balls Ford Road

Freestate Farms

13012 Balls Ford Road

Manassas, VA 20109

With easy access to Route 66 and 234 and a quick drop-off process, we have made food waste recycling an efficient process for our customers.

(703) 542-4540

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Compostable materials poster


Food and food scraps

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