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Composts, Topsoils, Mulches

Top-of-the-line products to help your plants grow

Our composts and top soils are expertly crafted using recycled food and yard waste, providing the immediate and long-term nutrients your plants need. Using our products in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and lawns helps them grow faster, healthier and, for some types of vegetables, larger and tastier.


Compost: Tilling

Perfect for enriching existing soil to give plants and lawns the nutrients they need to grow stronger and more beautiful.

Bagged as as well as bulk purchases available.

Compost: Topdressing

Crafted specifically for topdressing lawns and plant beds each year to boost your soil's nutrients. 


A special blend of compost and soil to give your plants nutrients, root space and support, and a balance of moisture retention and drainage.

Mulch: Nutrient Blend

Combining the traditional beauty of a triple ground mulch with the powerful benefits of compost, this is a customer and team favorite.


Available at our Landfill facility.

Mulch: Triple ground

A traditional mulch, expertly made.


Available with no coloring in bulk at both locations. Dyed black, brown, and red mulches are available in bulk and bags at our Landfill facility.

Mulch: Double ground

A coarser cut of wood than a traditional triple ground mulch that still uses our same high-quality process.


Stay warmer with our 1/8 cord of firewood.

Available at our Landfill facility.

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Learn about recycling your food and yard waste at Freestate Farms.

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Planting in topsoil enriched with compost

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